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Author Topic: Companions  (Read 1614 times)

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« on: August 15, 2013, 08:24:24 pm »
You guys can see the companions we're working on here. The first one is:

1) Marcus is a disinherited lord of Maccavia and a follower of the New Gods. He was one of the most zealous lords and most ardent supporter of the New Gods. He also provided most of the manpower with his household Crusader Knights. The King, Agathor Rex, sentenced him for treason and shunned him from Maccavia. Agathor also took over his property. When he is made into a lord, he trains special Crusader Knights and they are his household troops.

2) Slyter is an Imperial Spy working for the Klyrintin Empire. He plans to befriend you to know more about Perisno and how to invade it for his Empire. However, he unexpectedly befriends you and renounces his allegiance to the Empire. At a certain point, he will also tell you everything and more about the Imperial Empire. He is, in short, a man of many faces. When he is made into a lord, he trains Imperial troops - the only ones you will get other than rescuing their prisoners or recruiting Imperial prisoners.

3) Uldin is a Volheere raider, and also the child of a Volheere Jarl. He decided that he wanted to adventure with the Southern lords and left home and his lordly duties to go and become a mercenary. He is a very strong warrior, and if trained properly, can become your strongest companion. When he is made into a lord, he will make household Volheere raider troops.

4) ? Secret :)

5) Alindel is a renowned doctor in Perisno and has treated many famous people, including a Duke of Tolrania, two Maccavian Lords,  and three different Draharan Emirs. This was all a long time ago, in his youth. He is an old man now and is not famous anymore. He spends his last days wandering from tavern to tavern, drinking and wasting away his life. If you can convince him that he still has potential, he may be a valuable asset to you. He has not forgotten any of his skills so hiring him as a doctor will be a very wise idea.

6)  Agnare is a priest of the Maccavian Old Gods. He has wandered from tavern to tavern, preaching his beliefs. He is a relatively new priest, and has only recently been accepted into the Old Gods Sect. He has been looking for a mercenary company or a group to join and preach his beliefs to. Not only a preacher, he can also fight well, and has a vast amount of knowledge on different subjects. He is more of a "blank" character, and the player can choose where his talents lie.

7) Fazl  is a Draharan Merchant who has traveled to many exotic places and seen many extraordinary places in the world. He recently finished a trade agreement which made him very rich, and now is looking for a new deal or trade partner. He sees the player as an opportunity to gain fame and become even more wealthy. He is another "blank character" with high starting trade skill.

8 ) Dohosan is an Aroulian diplomat, who has recently crossed the seas into Perisno to talk to the lords. However, as soon as he set foot off his set, a band of Volheere Berserkers attacked him and his bodyguards and slaughtered them all. He was the only one spared because he was important for a ransom. However, Dohosan escaped. Since then, he has wandered without purpose, after getting lost in the strange foreign land. He has a high persuasion skill and can be a good diplomat once you start your kingdom.

9) Tylen was the leader of a band of rogue Tolranian Kingsmen until he was defeated and imprisoned by the Tolranian King himself. Once he escaped, he decided to remake his rogue band, and wants to join the player to get his revenge on the king. He used to be a Noble Tolranian Kingsmen as well, and if you make him a lord, he will have a large number of Kingsmen in his party.

10) Dietrich is a mysterious and shadowy figure. You do not know much about him, but one thing you are clear about is that he is from the Reich and he is very dangerous. He has some strange weapons from the Reich and rides a dragon. You cannot take items from his inventory until you are level 25. His household troop is the Reich Dragonriders.

11): Kara is the daughter of a very influential Tolranian Duke (the same one that Alindel has healed before). She is going to have to marry another duke's son in a political forced marriage but she refused to. When his father couldn't force her, he locked her up in her room and put guards outside her room to stop her from escaping. However, the guards were loyal to her and helped her escape so now she is staying at a tavern to hide. She is looking for a good mercenary company to come take her to see the world.

12) Antiope is the disowned daughter of a Hakkonese noblemen and used to run her own band of mercenaries, who were all women. She is a terrific archer and currently looks for work in taverns. When she is made into a noblewoman, she will train Amazons/Valkyries as a household troop. Her stats all make her a very good archer and comes with a strong bow.
Spoiler (hover to show)

13) Zara grew up on the Draharan desert and has lived with her tribe, the Swiftriders, for most of her life. She only recently left, deciding to go out and see the world. She has been traveling far for a long time, and plans to continue to travel, although she does not think she would be safe without a mercenary group.

14) Siliveth is a Redwood Elf coming from an ancient noble family. She is the youngest of five children and so she has a lot of free time. She spends that free time traveling, much to the dislike of her parents, but since she is not that 'important,' they let it go. She is also a trainer of elves in her family's personal army so she has a lot of skill in training.
Spoiler (hover to show)
More to come ...
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Re: Companions
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2013, 09:05:40 pm »
I fixed the first post a bit S.U.  making it a bit easier to read, hope you don't mind.

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Re: Companions
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2013, 09:21:56 pm »
I don't mind  ;)


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