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Author Topic: Factions  (Read 2893 times)

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Re: Factions
« on: August 06, 2013, 09:33:25 pm »
Just a quickly reminder, I'm proposing the design of the Maccavian Republic, if anyone has interest in naming a vassal, or a village/town follow the lore, create your vassal, and we'll make him ALIVE.

Here's the lore:

Maccavia is a free cosmopolitan realm, governed by a Dictator Monarch and a Senate of Nobles and free man, Maccavia is a faction of nobles, knights, religious people, diplomats and rich merchants, Maccavia was once a kingdom of northmen, sailors, pirates, but at a turn of fate, they settled in the winterlands, they conquered and they have prospered for many years, every men were the lord of their destiny, free to rule their life as they would like, as long they the paid taxes, lived orderly and obeyed the laws of the republic, and worked towards progress, Maccavia is split religiously;

The New Gods value; chivalry, love, duty, benevolence, family, order, grace and kindess.
The Old Gods value; war, honor, strength, ambition, domination,  secrets and plots.

Many of the Maccavian Republic Nobles are followers of the faiths and Gods, many of the Old Gods are warmongering nobles, bent on raiding, conquering and fighting and demanding strenght from their allies, loyal they are loyal hounds of the Maccavian Republic Dictator, and on the otherside are the Noble Knights, followers of the new faith and Gods, they prefer to prosper and grow rich, showing kindness and grace, most nobles have it a strong disregard for followers of a different faith, specially the Maccavian Nobles that follow that Old Gods, they see them as savages in opulent clothing, while the nobles of the old Gods see the Nobles of the new Gods as "just weaklings", and that brawl has been destroying the Republic, both evil and good mixed in a common goal.

The Maccavian Army is yet one of best armored and armed in Perisno, with curious concraptions, heavy weapon training, every citizen of the Maccavian republic is taught how to use weapons, how to ride a horse, how to read, how to create tactics, their martial training is yet without equal, many of the Maccavian Soldiers are followers of the Old Gods, but not many of them rise through military ranks, because most of them die in battle, while followers of the New Gods seem to rise quickly but not as strong as a Old Gods Follower.

Maccavian Army is split in division of specialties, those who show a promising skill in a certain field of technique goes to that respective division, those who show aptitude and perception, go to the Crossbow Division, while those who show strength go to the Sword Division or the Spear Division and the Knight Division. And all Maccavian military are trained in the use of Heavy armor.

Marskmen of the Crossbow Division; Maccavian Crossbowman knows how to throw an axe and are very skilled at range, they have the iconic axe-crossbow (Normal variant), that not only shoots bolts with absurd accurancy, pierces through heavy armor like butter, yet it works a heavy melee weapon that can be used to break shields, heads or horses. With enough training and skill, but are weak when facing close-combat encounters, they can survive a melee fight, but their specialty is ranged combat.

Maccavian Crossbowman can become TOP TIER: Maccavian Marksmen which is yet the best trained crossbows in Perisno, they carry the axe-crossbow (siege variant) and thrownable axes, and they have a better armor, thus making them better at melee.

Swordsmen of the Sword Division; Maccavian Swordsman are skilled dagger throwers and great at close-combat, they can slice through any unarmored enemies with ease, they have a round shield for quick movements in battle and their Longsword, but are terrible weak when combating horsemen, but you're better not fall of the horse.

Maccavian Swordsmen with enough training and skill can become TOP TIER: Maccavian Swordsmasters who carry a terrible greatword that can slice elephant, camels and people, yet they carry their longswords and throwable daggers for range/close combat.

Spearmen of Spear Division: Maccavian Spearmen are exeptional at throwing spears and tactically adaptable, nor horse or camel can charge through the Maccavian Phalanx, ranged enemy infantry is killed easily as well infantry, they carry a pike, a shortsword and throwable spears, no shields, for quicky positioning and defence, but that makes them heavily at disvantage when fighting long-ranged enemies and if they do not brace their spears for combat mounted infantry, they're a easily pickings, but do not understimate them, they can still throw spears and use their shortswords.

Maccavian Spearmen can become TOP-TIER Maccavian Halberdier, that carries a Halberdier that can kill anything that is mounted easily, they still carry thrownable spears, and the shortsword, they have a much better armor that can protect them from ranged attacks.

All Maccavian TOP TIER units use heraldic heavy plate armors, while the normal tier uses non-heraldic heavy plate armor.

And last, there is the Knights of the Maccavian Republic, mini-nobles, with lands and titles.

Maccavian Squires are sons of nobles, they are trained since childhood in all division martial arts, they are very educated and devout followers of the Faiths and Gods. And so the result are very expensive units, with very good training they can become Maccavian Knights.

As Maccavia is split religiously, it would be a shame to just create one branch of Knights, so, I'm expanding it.

Maccavian Squires of the Old Gods can become Maccavian Black Knights, while Maccavian Squires of the New Gods can become Maccavian Knights of Steel.

Knights of steel are very valorous and powerful units, they use Greatswords as backup, longsword, shield and a Lance, a Maccavian bred armored white stallion as mount. Steel Heavy Plate Armor.

Black Knights are very strong and powerful units, not only they use a Greataxe as backup but they carry the Axe-crossbow (Normal variant), and a Longsword, a Maccavian bred armored Black Stallion as mount.

Now we go to Politics in the Maccavian Republic: King Agathor Krex is the dictator of Republic, while he desires to have full control of the Republic backed by his loyal hound followers of the old Gods, the new Gods followers seem to dislike him and try to sabote every attempt he makes, but none openly challenge his rule, but most would certainly follow a New God claimant.

in that case I choose the roleplaying strenght of it;

Followers of the Old Gods often choose Nordic names such as: Noble Fenris Stone-Heart, Noble Singvar the Gilded, Noble Segrefied Broken-Shield.

Followers of the New Gods choose more empire/fantasy minded names such as: Noble Falcus Frost, Noble Dracchos Dignity, Noble Tytus Rex, Noble Benunius Benevolent.

That's it, that's what I have wanted to say, so, if you reader by any chance wants to have your soul "Immortalized" in a fictional world, please make it lore-friendly above.


PS: Forgive any spelling mistakes and outlandish english.



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