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Author Topic: Suggestions Thread  (Read 1482 times)

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Re: Suggestions Thread
« on: August 08, 2013, 07:57:40 pm »
Remember when I said about asking resources from the A clash of kings mod? they have a very nice Sea Travelling feature we could use. It creates a few Ports/Lighthouses which are quite neat and awesome players and AI must travel to these "Lighthouses" in order to get boats to travel the sea.

Also I have been talking with Lucas about firearms, NO, NO FIREARMS.

But a "Contraptions" skill. No firearms will be added, but since Maccavians are very inventive, I have been talking with him about the possibility of excentric weapons, like darthrowers/spearshooters, wrist weapons, Tri-Crossbows that loads 3 bolts and shots 1 per time, the iconic Axe-crossbow, Mace-axe that do blunt and hack damage, staffs that shoots darts. Even Airships. Oh please, some steampunk stuff wouldn't hurt, like siege-crossbow chariots and carriages. Airships would be neat and unique,  imagine Air Battle.

For using better crazy weapons, contraptions skill is needed, weapon coating like flaming blades, there are Elves in the game. But these are just suggestions.

We could use the Maccavians as a Spaceport for these things. I based the Maccavians from the Devil Kings game, the Devil King's army, all full-plated baddies using firearms :3

But no firearms, CRAZY CONTRAPTIONS! :O

Also.. will there be magic? about the Maccavian Republic Lore, when players choose the Maccavian Faction in the start menu, it's there where's it supposed to be, it still mentions nords for some reason :/

Also there's the matter about the T.S.F.H songs, there are some that can be used when travelling lands, right? hmm, I'd like that Immortals song for Maccavia as well. Fire Nations song seems on Hakkon's Empire alley.

The basis is key. If we have the land, the lore, the factions, we can add anything we'd want.


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